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The Line It is Drawn produces some great comic book Disney Mashups this week over on CBR. My picks are up top, but you can check out many more HERE.

The Punisher x Bambi by Marco D’Alfonso / Website / Tumblr

Green Arrow meets Disney’s Robin Hood by Nelson Flores

The Sorcerer Supreme’s Apprentice by Uncle Woofie

John Constantine in Fantasia by Cynthia Sousa / Tumblr & Amanda Rodgers

Mulan Spars With Black Bat by Rachel Ordway / Tumblr




Ten of the Best Storybook Cottage Homes Around the World

These 10 fairy tale inspired cottages with their hand-made details call to mind the tales of the Brothers Grimm and other fantasy stories. All of these cottages are real-life homes from around the world. From stunning cottage houses to mystical stone dwellings, these 10 storybook cottage homes provide inspiration and inspire the imagination.

  1. Hobbit House - Rotorua, New Zealand
  2. Winckler Cottage - Vancouver Island, Canada
  3. Akebono kodomo-no-mori Park, Japan
  4. Wooden Cottage - Białka Tatrzańska, Tatra Mountains, Poland
  5. Blaise Hamlet - Bristol, England
  6. Willa Kominiarski Wierch - Zakopane, Poland
  7. Forest House - Efteling, The Netherlands
  8. Cottage in the Hamlet of Marie Antoinette - Versailles, France
  9. Cob House - Somerset, United Kingdom
  10. The Spadena House - Beverly Hills, California, United States

I want all of them.


(Source: odditiesoflife)

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