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Video Game Avengers Assemble! Fan Art

I’m not sure why, but photoshop mash-ups of fandoms i’m into seem to be the fun way to express my creativity lately. Here is my latest my interpretation of Video Game characters that would fit the Avengers. I have Mass Effect’s Shepard/Captain America, Halo’s Master Chief/Iron Man, Metroid’s Samus Aran/Black Widow, God of War’s Kratos/Thor, Assassin’s Creed’s Connor/Hawkeye, Metal Gear’s Solid Snake/Nick Fury. I’m still trying to figure out who the Hulk would be so i have a spacer just for him and I’m open to suggestions. I know there are probably other better matches but I tended to choose the games and characters I’m really into right. Maria Hill, Agent Coulson, War Machine are other characters i’m thinking of doing next. Full post here

UPDATE: Thanks to some awesome suggestions and based on what official artwork I could find I think we have a Video Game/Hulk mash-up now, it is  Brick from Borderlands with a close runner up of Rick Taylor from Splatterhouse. I would like to thank & who were the first 2 to make the recommendations. THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL THE SUGGESTIONS! Enjoy!

UPDATE 2: Been getting a lot of feedback on “Black Metroid’s” name, here is some clarification on my thought process I know her name is Samus Aran, if I was basing it on her character’s name I would’ve called her “Natasha Aran” or “Samus Romanov,”  but i’m basing it on her super hero name which is  “Black Widow”… named after a dangerous and deadly creature, I “mashed up” the name of the character “Black Metroid” not after the name of the game but after the dangerous and deadly creature in the game which is a “Metroid”. I think I tried to get too creative or clever in my naming sorry for the confusion.

Credit to Original Art Sources: Microsoft Game Studios, EA, Konami, Nintendo, UbiSoft, Sony Entertainment and Marvel/Disney

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