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USA National Team 

Its Nickelback but still cool. One of my followers is an all star on that team

The team was formed in 2012. James Etherington was the Captain of the team with Andre Sinou commanding the men on the field. In 2013, Andre Sinou became the Captain of the team.

The team had 29 people in 2012. In 2013, they had 150 try out for the team and 47 were taken to France where “Battle of the Nations” 2013 was held. This year looks like the team USA will have even more trying out, which will allow to bring a great quality to the field.
HMB has allowed the United States to see how it stacks up against the rest of the world in a very physical sport. 

Andre Sinou:

"We have had the opportunity to make great friends with some fantastic people from all over the world that many of us would not have had the chance to do otherwise.The sport has pushed us to work on our minds bodies and skill as warriors and it has motivated many of our team to change their bodies to much higher physical standards.
Most of us in the US have enjoyed medieval combat for years. HMB has provided a great outlet for the United States on the world stage. We are enjoying this very much!”

For those who are ready to join Team USA:

Contacts of Andre Sinou:
Tel.: +1856 455 1132 or +1732 600 1903
USA National Team Facebook page:­.Usa
The website of the Team USA:


If you want to see the most violent modern sport there is, check it out! There will be some talented new guys looking to take my spot. I am looking forward to showing them why I am on the all star team and was the first MVP

If you are in Cali, support this nerdtastic sport! One of the few times this can be witnessed inside the US border.

nerdofwar: Oh wow, a meme create from the picture that Joel Oh wow, a meme create from the picture that Joel  took of us smashing the Italian national team

anything to support this badass sport of nerds

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