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Hiroshi Yamauchi, the man who introduced the world to Super Mario — died this morning of pneumonia at a hospital in Japan.


yamauchi was stone cold motherfucker who build up nintendo with his cunning business tactics and influenced video games as an entertainment industry more than any other single individual and should be acknowledged as a defining force of popular culture over the last 50 years

to put his most recognizable accomplishments bluntly

  • if it werent for him nintendo would still be making childrens playing cards
  • mario, donkey kong, zelda, metroid, pokemon (some of the most exemplary and influential game franchises of all time) and more wouldnt exist
  • nintendo itself wouldnt even have be there to intervene in the video game crash of the mid eighties and with the NES
  • and without it video game consoles would no longer exist in the western hemisphere as we know them

he was also one of the 500th richest people in the world, owned the seattle mariners baseball team and designed the iconic famicom (NES) based on the color of his favorite scarf

a million more things could be said but if youve ever played a video game period its been touched by his contributions in some form or another

and if youve ever enjoyed a video game that means hiroshi yamauchi is someone you should thank 

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