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Positive body image time!! Everyone love yourself! Yay nakedness!

my god

easy for you to say

Actually no it’s not easy for me to say. I have a lot of insecurities. But that doesn’t stop me from being who I want to be and to try and be proud with what I have. No one is perfect. You shouldn’t be so negative. And appreciate what you got. ✌️

I hate how you need to basically be over weight to post a pic nude saying body positive. Fuck that. I hate that shit. EVERYONE has body image issues and the fact that I’m not “your idea” of who should be promoting positivity because in your eyes I’m thin or whatever is fucking idiotic and you should knock it off. There are a gazillion different body types and preferences. Do NOT shame anyone. Thank you.

Ugh, I knoooow.

I always catch myself feeling super jealous of women I consider more attractive than me and thinking really judgmental and close-minded things like: “real women don’t look like that” or automatically assuming that she (whoever “she” is) has the perfect life and self-esteem.

When I realise I’m doing this I go “woah, take it easy” I don’t know what people are dealing with, whether or not they’re happy, what has happened in their lives. And what’s with this whole thing about beauty=happiness and confidence?

"Easy for you to say" - thank you for showing us all why, actually, it’s not easy for her to say.

So, if you’re like me and you want to live a more open-minded and brilliant life where people are people and not your own projection of insecurities, next time you have a negative thought about someone you don’t know, don’t:

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