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That lady you see there is my awesome friend Toni Darling. If you don’t know who she is, you’re about to find out. Obviously she’s my friend, she’s clearly smokin hot and she’s the best big daddy I know. <3 She’s a cosplay model extraordinaire and she is in ASTOUNDINGLY good shape. So she’s a good person to look to for inspiration when you’re trying to get into shape and stay there (like me). I mean…look at her. 

Toni Darling as Lady Death (credit to PopFury)


I asked her a couple of questions to help me along the way.

Me: What do you do to stay motivated when you don’t really feel like working out?

Toni: I think of my fans who have asked about my workouts and how to get lean. I know they look to me for support so it motivates me to first love my body and support my own fitness goals.

Me: Dem abs. How u do dat, lady?

Toni: I follow the “eat clean diet” by Tosca Reno. It’s a lifestyle change for your eating habits, not a diet. It encourages eating enough of the right foods at the right times in order to not only maximize fat loss but also ensure you’re getting all of your vitamins and minerals too!

Me: Do you have a goal you’re working toward fitness-wise, or do you just work to maintain your super hotness?

Toni: My goal is to one day compete in a fitness competition. I’m aiming for leanness of course, but my main objective right now is building muscle mass and strength, I would also like to compete in boxing so I am working toward being in fighter shape. I do cross fit, boxing, bootcamp, yoga and heavy lifting.

Me: Do you have any advice/words of encouragement you can lend to me on my over arcing fitness/weight loss journey?

Toni: My golden rule-it’s not getting to where you want to be that’s difficult, it’s truly deciding you want to get there. Once you truly set your heart on something, and desire it for the right reasons, nothing can stand in your way. Keep your goals specific and attainable. People often shoot too high, and then when they fail, they use that as an excuse for not trying again, it’s a form of self sabotage. You have to make a commitment to accepting that you will have ups and downs. But be like Batman-“Why do we fall Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up again.” Take baby steps. For instance-instead of cutting out your favorite food completely, wean yourself off of it until you don’t need it anymore.

Me: Squeee thank you big daddy!

Toni: I love yo face baby

That’s the whole interview. I hope you got as much out of it as I did, she’s really a great help and motivation to me in this quest. 

I’d like to thank the lovely gorgeous super hot amazing big daddy Toni Darling for helping me out. Make sure to visit her etsy store to get a cosplay calendar featuring Toni and all my other hot cosplayer buddies…and like her FB page if you do the facebooks <3



Bellechere is one of the most amazing people alive in my opinion.  Go check out her site!


The response to my post yesterday was a wee bit underwhelming, given the enthusiasm previously expressed by people. I understand - you need pics to grab your attention. Here they are!

So go check out my new website! Read it. Maybe buy something. I would hate to present a meager check to the fine people at Hero Initiative.

Also, this photo set came from an interview I did. Two for one! Bazinga!

guuuuuuuh. So hawt.

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