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Martin re-teams with Hewlett, Bond, Mahfood, WJC, Edwards, Parson & Knowles to bring you a new, futuristic, hardback Tank Girl book!

*note - ALL physical rewards will now come with the bonus Ashley Wood sticker. ALL Book rewards will now come with the Brett Parson A4 TG Shower-time print! And all SIGNED books will come with the Phil Bond A4 Raunchy Booga print! (see Stretch Goals section, below)

Who or what is Tank Girl?

Tank Girl is a creator-owned comic book series about an Australian outlaw anti-heroine and her friends. The series began in 1988 when Tank Girl appeared in the first issue of Deadline Magazine in the UK. Since then she has starred in her own comics, magazines, a novel, and even her own Hollywood movie (Tank Girl, 1995, starring Lori Petty, Naomi Watts, Ice-T, and Malcolm McDowell).


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