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Fellow Knight murdered protecting the wounded in Ukraine



Below at 1.18-1.27 you can see him protecting the injured with his shield, before he was shot. He died being a hero, acting in a way that give me hope for the human race. The world needs more people like him.

What a waste of an amazing human…but we all die. He chose the situation and the cause. I hope to die so well.


Fuck, why do I even try then? Man. I wish she would realize that she doesn’t love him as much as she thinks she does. It’s just a subconscious coping method and/or way that your past affects your present. Your whole life was filled with agonizing abuse, but now you are in too much of a hurry to…

I have had this conversation many times. It never makes a difference, in fact, depending on your relationship, it could make it worse because now they have to “prove you wrong”. These days, when someone cuts off a portion of themselves just to be liked, I just say, “Let me know how it works out after a couple of years with someone who only likes 70% of you.”








I’m not satanic but these are some damn good rules.

satan does not support rape, animal cruelty, or child abuse

when walking in open territory, bother no one. if someone bothers you, ask them to stop. if they do not stop, destroy them.

*Today on I Didn’t Know I was a Satanist*

I agree with all of these rules…I’m really uncomfortable now

satan got his shit straight


Same ideas as motivational speakers like Tony Roberts. If these rules of personal empowerment were not named so stupidly, I bet many good people would follow these rules. Instead, you get wannabe “edgy” people branding themselves are followers of the christian boogyman thereby inadvetnelt lumping themselve in with the same “stupid” they ar reballing against….sad. The church branded these ideas as “Satanist” so the mere act of reading or possession will get you tortured and killed, later ridiculed and ostracized…until modern motivational speakers re-branded it. These ideals fly in the face of what the desert dogmas (christian, judiasiam, islam) want us to do….that is grovel at the feet of authority and beg forgiveness for being piece of shit humans…and then if you are a good boy, you get to be somewhere nice when you die of a broken back. Smart of the church to do so, spreading these thoughts would break their power.

(Source: leavingbones-exposed)

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