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Twin Cats Always Mirror Each Other in Sleep

Scientists are baffled by twin cats, Merry and Pippin, who reportedly always sleep in an exact mirror image of one another.  

“Even if we place them in disparate starting positions or in separate rooms, they somehow always wind up sleeping exactly like the other,” said leading cat biologist and feline sleep expert Dr. Tobias Winslow.  ”I’ve never seen anything like it.”

A polysomnogram revealed nothing out of the ordinary about the cats’ brain functions, eye movements, muscle activity, breathing or heart rhythms.  ”We had expected to find that Merry and Pip were synched up on an internal level,” explained Winslow, “but it is literally just in the way they position their bodies for slumber.”

More tests will be done later this month during a scheduled comprehensive sleep study.

Via  0mumu0.

cats understand quantum entanglement at the macro level, someday, humans will too

Mathematical concept of the fourth spatial dimension (this is not about time as the fourth dimension, aka spacetime).

#1: (1:10) Obviously your room would only exist in a single 3d space. Technically, the room described here is actually 4-dimensional.
#2: (2:30) This is a 2d object (ie, unlike a piece of paper), which means there is no no “front” or “back” - so you can see all the points at once.
#3: (4:31) For this analogy, we are comparing the act of drawing on an ordinary canvas, on both the 3d and 4d worlds. Carving, sculpting and creating 3d models on the computer don’t change the fact that humans can not “draw” a real 3d shape by hand on a “flat” surface.
#4: (5:49) The 3d objects and the light source are on different 3d spaces.

A view into how I see the world

Science has no explanation of why we have a future and a past, but this video explains the forward motion of time in a dynamically evolving universe within a new theory called Quantum Atom Theory. In this very simple theory creation is a continuous process and the flow of time is formed by the continuous inward absorption and outward emission of light or EMR. Wave-particle duality can be explained as a process forming the passage of time. Light could then be a wave as in Maxwell’s equations forming the future photon by photon or moment by moment. Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle is the same probability that the observer will have with any future event.

In an evolutionary sense wave-particle duality and the wave-function must have be here before the evolution of life. So there is no way that the wave-function was formed by consciousness. But we have the w-function here and now continuously collapsing everywhere even within our own minds. I believe consciousness is the most advanced form of this universal process and therefore can feel it as the forward passage of time formed by the w-function continuously collapse and reforming.

In a very similar way that we use sound wave to create our own music we use light waves to create our own future time that will have the geometry of spacetime. The wave-particle duality of light is continuously forming a blank canvas for the observer that he or she can participate in! In this Theory time is unfolding at the quantum level forming the probability that we will see and feel as future events. In this theory all objects (groups of atoms) will form their own future reference frame or spacetime by reacting with the wave-particle duality of light. Objects can choose when and where to collapse the wave-particle duality of light forming their own unique position in space and time.

This is all based on the physics and mathematics that we already have. Modern physics says that the Universe is made up of an infinite number of reference frames that have their own proper time. In QAT only the interpretation has changed explaining the paradoxes of quantum physics and the reality of everyday life.

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