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If you are into heavily tattooed redheads who wear glasses and enjoy RPGs, then you need to check out this Anastassia Bear set on EroticFandom shot by the one and only Amelia G. With her milky white skin and curvaceous body, miss Bear will have your mind wandering into many realms of naughtiness and adventure.

Throughout the series of photographs you’ll see every single inch of this gorgeous girl’s body –front and back!–, from a multitude of angles and attitudes. And I’m not even kidding, she can go from cheeky pinup to sexy vixen to geek girl next door in one frame! Anastassia Bear’s acrobatics with the oversized D12 dice put her gorgeous pussy on display in more than one shot and it doesn’t really matter if you like tits, ass, pussy, legs, or face: this set has something for everybody.

I would kill to see the outtakes from this shoot, because I’m pretty sure that there was more than one instance where the gigantic prop was hell to pose with. Luckily, she made it through in one piece and we’ll be able to get more from Anastassia Bear in the future.

EroticFandom: Anastassia Bear Rolls A D12
Erotic Fandom writes:
How amazing does Anastassia Bear look sprawled on a D12! Forrest Black and I risked life and limb to climb up overhead for those shots from above, but I think it was worth it.
–Amelia G
EroticFandom: Anastassia Bear Rolls A D12

EroticFandom: Anastassia Bear Rolls A D12

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hrrm rolling barbarian hitpoints? damage from a two handed sword? the rare d12

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