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I was kind of iffy about posting this because i’ve still got SO MUCH TO DO on this costume, and im REALLY unhappy with it so far; but here’s a little bit of Ryuko progress. 

This alone took SO much time. Much more than I anticipated. I originally planned on getting this costume done in ~1 week for ALA and that.. didn’t go well. The top alone has taken so long, and it still needs to be fitted and finished before I can move on to the rest.

I’ve got a shoot scheduled for Friday which is kind of crazy because we just moved, AND im working/at school every single day. Blah. Here’s hoping I can somehow pull it all together and get it looking much nicer in 3 days.. ugh.


I am posting this to make a point about eating and exercise for myself. It’s to show that you don’t need to deprive yourself of food or calories to achieve results over time. As I had mentioned I kind of had a couple weeks where I wasn’t eating as best I could or as often and I actually gained about 5-7 lbs in about a month and a half, and I was still exercising. Thinking it was okay to eat whatever because I was still working out. I would also like to say if that’s what you want to do that’s awesome and cool, but for my goals and wants it wasn’t. I felt like crap still. Anyways Thursday I went back to working out like I have been and really went back to eating clean and have already lost 4lbs. I am not starving myself or over working out. I am eating between 1550-1650 calories a day and working out between 45-90mins a day depending on my day. Eat great and you’ll have the energy to work out and feel even better. This isn’t meant to be a preachy exercise post, just wanted to say I feel good and that’s what I care about. 😊

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